Fossils for Climate Justice

Donate to the Climate Justice Green-A-Thon 2015!

Your gift will help Got Green bring 500 new families into the climate justice movement - leading to environmental sustainability, equity and opportunity for communities of color and low income communities!

Goal $ 1000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1250.00 raised
$ 10.00
Mike, Ronan And Kristyn
$ 100.00
We may be a little stiff, but these fossils are ready for a day of doorknocking!
Lisa Karl And Brenda Johnson
$ 200.00
Dibbon & Dennis
$ 100.00
Jonathan Rosenblum
$ 25.00
Paola Maranan
$ 20.00
$ 250.00
$ 25.00
Kathryn Rathke
$ 35.00
go Fossils!
Julio A Sanaches
$ 50.00
In honor of Earth Day - Go Earth!
Eliana Pytel
$ 50.00
The Anibarro-Pytel family
Tom M
$ 10.00
Keep it green
Lisa McElroy
$ 20.00
Estevan Munoz-Howard
$ 30.00
Mary Ann Schroeder
$ 50.00
Ed Karl
$ 100.00
If you're fossils, what is my generation?
1. Kristyn Joy, Captain
2. Lisa Karl
3. Julio Sanchez
4. Kimela Vigil

We may be old but we know an impending climate disaster when we see one. Support our team and donate to Got Green so we have a chance in heck of surviving.

Your gift will help expand Got Green's capacity to lift up the voices and leadership of people of color and low-income people in the environmental movement.

Join the green wave and give generously today!