CCEJ Alumna

Donate to the Climate Justice Green-A-Thon 2015!

Your gift will help Got Green bring 500 new families into the climate justice movement - leading to environmental sustainability, equity and opportunity for communities of color and low income communities!

Goal $ 800.00
100% towards our goal
$ 875.00 raised
Maria Batayola
$ 100.00
Ok CCEJ Alumnas, Let's show our love and support for environmental justice work and hug GotGreen big time!!! Salamat naman!
Lang Marsh
$ 100.00
Environmental justice is on the leading edge of the struggle for an economy that works for both people and nature. Go Got Green!
$ 35.00
Mariah And Jake Rosenblum
$ 35.00
Go Alice!
Nancy Shore
$ 20.00
Christine And Andrew
$ 35.00
Keep on doing good work!!
Dyer Gould Family
$ 50.00
Scott & Shelley Scheff
$ 50.00
YAY Alice! Thanks for the great work you are doing!
$ 20.00
Joyce Tseng
$ 100.00
I <3 CCEJ Alumna and Got Green?
Jonathan Betz-Zall
$ 100.00
As a long-time CCEJ volunteer I am glad to support the continuation of our work through Got Green.
Lynn Sereda
$ 20.00
Recognizing the great legacy of CCEJ and my friends over there (especially Bang Nguyen and Yalonda) who kept EJ work alive in Seattle until Got Green could inherit the legacy.
1. Maria Batayola, Co-Captain
2. Alice Park, Co-Captain
3. Jonathan Betz-zall
4. Bang Nguyen
5. Tiffany Grobelski
6. Yalonda Sinde

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green through the Green-A-Thon event on April 25th!

Your gift will help expand Got Green's capacity to lift up the voices and leadership of people of color and low-income people calling for good green jobs; access to healthy and affordable food; green and healthy homes; and quality public transportation.

Join the green wave and give generously today!