2015 Virtual Team

Donate to the Climate Justice Green-A-Thon 2015!

Your gift will help Got Green bring 500 new families into the climate justice movement - leading to environmental sustainability, equity and opportunity for communities of color and low income communities!

Goal $ 2000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 2275.00 raised
Krista, Burke, Lucas And Ida
$ 100.00
Go virtual team, go!
$ 35.00
Go team.
$ 100.00
The world needs more climate justice...
Soya Jung
$ 50.00
Go, Got Green! Climate justice is racial justice, food justice, gender justice, and worker justice!
Lance Davey
$ 35.00
Jed Walsh
$ 10.00
Yay Got Green!
Chom Greacen
$ 25.00
$ 100.00
Fritz Family
$ 100.00
Maryanne & Robert Stack
$ 250.00
$ 250.00
Susanna Smith
$ 100.00
Mackenzie Menkins
$ 20.00
Mary Loney
$ 100.00
$ 100.00
Making it happen for Got Green! Go team
Mary Jo And Michael Stansbury
$ 250.00
Thanks For Doing This, Vicki!
$ 75.00
$ 250.00
Got Green is where it's at!
Helmiere Family
$ 100.00
Teamwork, Solidarity, Mutuality, Justice, Joy!
Virginia W
$ 75.00
1. Burke Stansbury, Captain
2. Steve Gelb
3. Vicki Loe
4. Artie Nosrati
5. Emil Paddison
6. Khalil Panni
7. Murphy Stack
8. Ronni Tartlet
9. Sam Terry

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green through the Green-A-Thon event on April 25th! We can't go out on the doors that day - but we sure as heck can raise some money.

Your gift will help expand Got Green's capacity to lift up the voices and leadership of people of color and low-income people calling for good green jobs; access to healthy and affordable food; green and healthy homes; and quality public transportation.

Join the green wave and give generously today!