Noor Al Akhdar

Donate to the Climate Justice Green-A-Thon 2015!

Your gift will help Got Green bring 500 new families into the climate justice movement - leading to environmental sustainability, equity and opportunity for communities of color and low income communities!

Goal $ 600.00
58.33% towards our goal
$ 350.00 raised
$ 100.00
Rolf Gruen
$ 50.00
Great idea, great wishes in meeting your short and long term goals.
Bill Bradburd
$ 50.00
keep up the great work!
Sam Smith
$ 100.00
$ 25.00
<3 got green!
1. Deric Gruen, Captain
2. Eaden Andu
3. Jax Hermer
4. Melina Rivera

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green through the Green-A-Thon event on April 25th!

Your gift will help expand Got Green's capacity to lift up the voices and leadership of people of color and low-income people calling for good green jobs; access to healthy and affordable food; green and healthy homes; and quality public transportation.

Join the green wave and give generously today!