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Donate to the Green-A-Thon!

Got Green is made up of mothers, workers, and tenants from communities of color and low-income families in South Seattle. Got Green is a community-based environmental justice organization that fights for fair green jobs, healthy food, safe housing, powerful neighborhoods, and equitable climate policy. Your gift will help Got Green bring new families into the climate justice movement.

Goal $ 50000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 79903.07 raised
Noah C
$ 1000.00
$ 1000.00
Pragathi And Ian
$ 1400.00
Stacy A
$ 100.00
Proud of my brother, Noah!
$ 2000.00
Jessica F.
$ 100.00
Great organization, happy to support!
Erin Briggs
$ 50.00
Sara Cantor Aye
$ 100.00
$ 1500.00
I ❤️ Got Green!
Leah Missik
$ 100.00
Love the passion
Laura Moss
$ 300.00
Jeff Snyder
$ 5500.00
Naomi Harrington
$ 5300.00
$ 250.00
Erin Wilson
$ 640.00
Alisha Agard
$ 25.00
Ruth Sawyer
$ 3313.07
1. Carissa Knipe
2. Sophia Hoffacker
3. Ike McCreery
4. Oona Kelly
5. Carey Hert
6. Siena Ezekiel
7. Cailin Henley
8. Matthew Lang
9. Rachel Balderston
10. Becky Edmonds
11. Ashok Chandwaney
12. Ellie Probus
13. Noah Cantor
14. Sam Engel

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green. Through the Green-A-Thon, over twenty teams are raising funds to to support Got Green leading up to our ten year anniversary celebration, Rooted in Power on May 19th!

As the threats of climate change, economic inequality, and racism escalate in our new political era, Got Green will continue to build grassroots power and fight for our environment and our communities.