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Got Green is made up of mothers, workers, and tenants from communities of color and low-income families in South Seattle. Got Green is a community-based environmental justice organization that fights for fair green jobs, healthy food, safe housing, powerful neighborhoods, and equitable climate policy. Your gift will help Got Green bring new families into the climate justice movement.

Goal $ 1500.00
87.67% towards our goal
$ 1315.00 raised
Paul Adler
$ 100.00
350 reasons to love Got Green
Carlo Voli
$ 25.00
Valerie Costa
$ 25.00
Becca Deutsch
$ 100.00
Roxanne Glick
$ 35.00
Happy to support all the fantastic work of Got Green!
Diane Shisk
$ 25.00
David Gerber
$ 50.00
Wendy Ellison
$ 250.00
Lisa Marcus
$ 100.00
LOVE your powerful and effective community led work for Climate, Economic and Social Justice!
Peter Glick
$ 250.00
$ 50.00
Morgan Michel
$ 25.00
1. Roxanne Glick
2. Paul Adler
3. Morgan Michel
4. Lisa Marcus
5. Joan Kelly
6.Tami Berk
7. Jasmmine Ramgotra
8. Irene Calvo

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green. Through the Green-A-Thon, over twenty teams are raising funds to to support Got Green leading up to our ten year anniversary celebration, Rooted in Power on May 19th!

As the threats of climate change, economic inequality, and racism escalate in our new political era, Got Green will continue to build grassroots power and fight for our environment and our communities.