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Coninue the legacy of CCEJ! Give to Got Green Today!

Got Green is made up of mothers, workers, and tenants from communities of color and low-income families in South Seattle. Got Green is a community-based environmental justice organization that fights for fair green jobs, healthy food, safe housing, powerful neighborhoods, and equitable climate policy. Your gift will help Got Green bring new families into the climate justice movement.

A Message from Yalonda Sinde, founding Director of CCEJ:

Dear friend of the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice!

How are you? I hope all is well. I'm reaching out to you because I'm excited to be reconnecting with my old CCEJ comrades to raise much-needed funds for Got Green which as you know is the amazing offspring of CCEJ's legacy. My personal goal is to raise $500 from family and friends. Can you help by giving a donation of $50 or more today?

As you know Got Green has been doing amazing work in continuing to address environmental and economic injustice and we should all be so proud of all they have accomplished. They can continue this great work with the support of kind people from our community of past staff, volunteers, board members and other supporters. Please give today! Thank you so much for your time and hope to see you sometime soon.

Yours truly, Yalonda Sinde
Past founding Executive Director
Goal $ 1000.00
90% towards our goal
$ 900.00 raised
Jonathan Betz-Zall
$ 100.00
Keep on empowering people!
Maria Batayola
$ 200.00
Go Got Green -- Congratulations in making all of our lives better !!!
Kate Villarreal
$ 100.00
Because Yalonda asked me and my heart will always be with the Seattle EJ community. Love you, CCEJ alum! Go Got Green, go!
Tiffany G.
$ 50.00
Environmental Justice for All!
Bang! Nguyen CCEJ Alumni
$ 100.00
CCEJ Alumni to go GOT GREEN! Grow the movement. Be the power to the people!
1. Yalonda Sinde
2. Alice Park
3. Jonathan Betz-zall
4. Maria Batayola
5. Bang Nguyen
6. Tiffany Grobelski

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green. Through the Green-A-Thon, over twenty teams are raising funds to to support Got Green leading up to our ten year anniversary celebration, Rooted in Power on May 19th!

As the threats of climate change, economic inequality, and racism escalate in our new political era, Got Green will continue to build grassroots power and fight for our environment and our communities.