CARW's Climate Activists Really Work-it

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Got Green is made up of mothers, workers, and tenants from communities of color and low-income families in South Seattle. Got Green is a community-based environmental justice organization that fights for fair green jobs, healthy food, safe housing, powerful neighborhoods, and equitable climate policy. Your gift will help Got Green bring new families into the climate justice movement.

Goal $ 2400.00
100% towards our goal
$ 2542.00 raised
Scott Winn
$ 500.00
go climate activists, really work-it!
$ 200.00
Go team!
Kira McCoy
$ 50.00
Rachel Spence
$ 200.00
Outreach Event!
$ 99.00
Rachel Z
$ 100.00
Anita PeƱuelas
$ 50.00
I know how powerful community activism can be! Thank you for your work.
Micah Kehrein
$ 40.00
Anne Tobin
$ 35.00
Poppy Allen
$ 50.00
"cash is king"
Jenn Bommentre
$ 50.00
So happy to support this great initiative.
E.T. Russian
$ 120.00
I love Got Green and CARW. This climate justice work and community building is vital!
Carly Greyell
$ 200.00
Lynne Hyerle
$ 50.00
Ruby Phillips
$ 100.00
Terry Farrah
$ 100.00
Marianne Fung
$ 20.00
Myrtle Rankin
$ 20.00
Manny L
$ 20.00
Marilyn Bacarella
$ 20.00
Louis Cioffi
$ 10.00
Misty Van Nice
$ 8.00
1. Bri Castle
2. Rachel Spence
3. Caitlin Elkins
4. Carly Greyell
5. Maia McCoy
6. Lynne Hyerle
7. Anne Tobin

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green. Through the Green-A-Thon, over twenty teams are raising funds to to support Got Green leading up to our ten year anniversary celebration, Rooted in Power on May 19th!

As the threats of climate change, economic inequality, and racism escalate in our new political era, Got Green will continue to build grassroots power and fight for our environment and our communities.