350 Ways to Love Got Green

Donate to the Green-A-Thon!

Got Green is made up of mothers, workers, and tenants from communities of color and low-income families in South Seattle. Got Green is a community-based environmental justice organization that fights for fair green jobs, healthy food, safe housing, powerful neighborhoods, and equitable climate policy. Your gift will help Got Green bring new families into the climate justice movement.

Goal $ 3000.00
68.03% towards our goal
$ 2041.00 raised
Paul Adler
$ 100.00
Appreciate the work of Got Green, keep it going- Support the Green-A-Thon
Karen Schneider
$ 100.00
To honor the work of Michael Woo, the visionary leadership of Jill Mangaliman and the work of the entire team.
Diane Shisk
$ 50.00
Honoring Got Green's work on the HEAL Act
Lily Frenette
$ 50.00
Sebastian Lange
$ 300.00
Thank you for the wonderful work you do
350 General Meeting
$ 161.00
Thanks to Johnny Fikru for the inspiring and heartfelt presentation.
$ 20.00
Lisa Marcus
$ 100.00
Love you, Got Green!
$ 30.00
Thanks for all you do Got Green!!!
Katherine Leggett
$ 50.00
I appreciate the efforts of Got Green and 350 Seattle to work together and support one another.
Meg Wade
$ 30.00
Raging Grannies
$ 50.00
Ming K Chen
$ 100.00
1. Eva Cosgrove
2. Paul Adler
3. Ian McCluskey
4. Lisa Marcus
5. Diane Shisk
6. Karen Schneider

Thank you for supporting our team to raise funds for Got Green.

As the threats of climate change, economic inequality, and racism escalate in our new political era, Got Green will continue to build grassroots power and fight for our environment and our communities.