SSCAN :: Supporting Got Green

Got Green is rooted in communities of color and working-class families in South Seattle.  As a community-based environmental justice organization, Got Green fights for fair green jobs, healthy food, safe housing, powerful neighborhoods, and equitable climate policy. 

In the face of a pandemic, economic devastation, and an escalation of climate impacts, we must work as hard as we can to win a robust and dignified social safety net and transition to an economy that nourishes our collective health and well-being.   With your generous support, Got Green will have increased capacity to fight for a bold vision of emergency justice.  


Goal $1,000.00
73.5% towards our goal
$735.00 raised
Anne M
$ 200.00
I'm so grateful for the work of Got Green. Thank you!
Beth Brunton
$ 100.00
Thank you for your bold visions and awesome organizing!
$ 10.00
Lang Marsh
$ 250.00
Got Green stand for everything we are hoping will happen in South Seattle: social, environmental and economic justice. They are a model of a grassroots organization, led by young people of color. They use their dollars wisely and have growing influence.
Noemie Vassilakis
$ 25.00